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Medical Qi Gong

" orchestrating the harmonization of body, mind, and       breath, fostering a sublime dance of unity."

Tai Chi

Qigong, deeply rooted in Chinese philosophy, encompasses a set of exercises designed to enhance breathing techniques, physical movements, and mental conditioning, known as the "3 Tiao" or Three Regulatings: regulating your body, regulating your mind, and regulating your respiration. While the execution of these exercises may vary, all forms of qigong share fundamental components, including dynamic actions, static poses, meditative practices, and activities assisted by external guidance.

Distinguished from other qigong practices, Medical Qigong takes a unique approach. In this method, practitioners guide patients through the exercises, providing instructions for engagement both within the clinical setting and in personal practice at home. This distinctive approach ensures a comprehensive and supervised experience for the benefit of the patient.

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