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Post-Cancer Support

"There is Can is in Cancer, because we can beat it."

The care for individuals with cancer extends beyond the conclusion of active conventional cancer treatment. Following the completion of modern oncological interventions, there remains ongoing work to provide comprehensive support for patients, aiding them in the physical and mental aspects of reclaiming their routine life activities. This includes the management of any lingering side effects and the continuous monitoring of their overall health.

Holding Hands

Acupuncture and herbal medicine emerge as valuable modalities, either employed separately or in conjunction, to complement and enhance the post-oncological treatment phase. These therapeutic approaches are instrumental in addressing a spectrum of symptoms commonly experienced by cancer survivors, including but not limited to fatigue, insomnia, night sweats, and poor memory. Importantly, the treatment does not merely focus on alleviating symptoms; it extends its reach to the very root of the issue—boosting the body's immunity and fortifying its inherent resilience. Through this holistic approach, individuals recovering from cancer find sustained support in their journey towards physical well-being and mental equilibrium, empowering them to resume their daily lives with renewed vitality and strength.

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