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Lin Chen

"Herbal medicine, while derived from natural sources, possesses significant potency, akin to the subtle but perceptible sensation that accompanies the application of Acupuncture needles. It is noteworthy that I administer herbal medicine to my patients exclusively in cases of genuine necessity."

Dr. Lin Chen holds a Master's degree in medicine from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine and is a licensed medical doctor in China. With 18 years of experience, she has worked as a medical doctor in a top-tier institution, the Academic Hospital of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, which holds the AAA grade, signifying its highest level of accreditation.

Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Chinese Medicine where Lin Chen worked 18 years as a gynaecologist.  Photographed in 2023 at Nanjing.

Dr. Lin Chen has an illustrious career and a wealth of experience in the field of medicine. She earned her Master's degree in medicine from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine and holds a medical doctor's license in China. With an impressive 18-year tenure, she served as the directing doctor at the Jiangsu Provincial TCM Hospital and held the position of deputy professor at Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Chen's involvement spans various clinical study projects, co-authoring four books on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and contributing to eight academic articles. Her dedication is widely acknowledged, earning her respect for her professional demeanor, sense of responsibility, and compassionate approach from patients, university students, and international practitioners. Over the course of the past 32 years, Dr. Lin Chen has focused her efforts on harmonizing Chinese and Western medicine, particularly in addressing gynecological and internal health issues. Her expertise extends to conditions such as infertility support, menstruation disorders, hormonal imbalances, immune system disorders, and lifestyle-related ailments.

Dr. Chen's philosophy emphasizes the complementary nature of Western and Chinese medicine, recognizing the strengths of both disciplines while avoiding their limitations. This approach, in alignment with Eastern medical philosophy and Western medical ethics, underscores her commitment to providing holistic care.

Having collaborated closely with the renowned TCM gynecologist Prof. Dr. Xia Guicheng, Dr. Lin Chen benefited from his vast knowledge and expertise during their shared tenure at Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine's academic hospital. She has adeptly integrated this knowledge into her interactions with international patients.

Remarkably, Dr. Lin Chen's reputation has spread organically without deliberate promotion. Patients have shared her name and experiences through various media and online forums, leading to the formation of a dedicated "Lin's Fans" community within the international sphere, particularly in the Netherlands.

"Very often, the patient before you may require more time than originally scheduled. Your understanding is greatly appreciated, as I believe in providing every patient with the same level of attention."

With a remarkable academic background as a medically trained doctor from the Academic Hospital of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine in Nanjing, China, Mrs. Chen has ardently dedicated herself to merging Chinese Medicine with Western Medicine in her daily medical practice. Her enduring collaboration with Professor Dr. Xia G., an internationally renowned Gynecologist in the realm of Chinese Medicine, has enabled her to assimilate a wealth of wisdom and insight derived from Dr. Xia's six decades of clinical experience in treating a diverse spectrum of women's health conditions. This extensive knowledge base has propelled Mrs. Chen to become a preeminent TCM Gynecologist in the Netherlands, distinguished for her specialization in addressing women's infertility concerns.

"Many patients have described my herbal medicine as having miraculous effects. However, as a medical practitioner, I refrain from attributing outcomes to miracles. Rather, what may seem miraculous is often a result of the right circumstances – when the body and mind achieve harmonious alignment. My role is akin to that of a conductor, ensuring the symphony of bodily functions operates seamlessly."

Among the array of conditions that comprise her routine clinic practice – though not confined solely to – are:

* Menopause Syndrome, Female sexual disorders, dryness, sleeping disorders, and depression
* Headache, Migraine, abnormal blood pressure
* Infertility, IVF support
* Postpartum depression, Postpartum fatigue, joint and muscle pain
* Premenstrual Tension Syndrome (PMT), Bleeding between periods, Endometriosis, benign breast lumps
* Urinary Tract Infection, Poor digestion, Constipation, diarrhea
* Facial and Skin Pigmentation, Ovarian disorders, Post-chemo-radiotherapy Support, simple obesity.

"While achieving pregnancy might come effortlessly to certain individuals, others require additional support due to the intricacy of the process. I take immense satisfaction in having assisted numerous families in realizing their dreams of parenthood. However, it's imperative to recognize that our combined efforts are pivotal; we operate as a synergistic team."

Over the past 32 years, both in China and the Netherlands, Lin Chen has demonstrated a fervent commitment to the practice of Chinese Medicine integrated with Western Medicine. Her unwavering dedication has positively impacted thousands of patients, fostering transformative outcomes through her holistic treatment approach.

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