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Herbal Medicine

"Botanical medicine triggers chemical reactions in your body."

Germinated Plant

Around 200 herbal medicines are commonly integrated into the practice of Chinese medicine. Various plant components, including leaves, roots, stems, flowers, and seeds, are selected based on their distinct effects within the body.Typically, these herbs are blended together into a customized formula that caters to each individual's unique constitution, lifestyle, occupation, and health concerns. At Klinic, our foremost priority lies in the safety and efficacy of herbal medicine. Therefore, we exclusively employ high-quality herbal products that undergo stringent quality control measures, ensuring the absence of residual pesticides and heavy metals before being introduced to the European market.

To initiate the process, kindly complete a patient registration form and forward it to prior to scheduling an appointment. At Klinic, a herbal medicine consultation typically spans approximately 30 minutes, with initial consultations occasionally extending to one hour or longer. During this interaction, a series of inquiries pertaining to your health issues and their impact on your daily life will be posed. Alongside questioning, we may conduct blood pressure measurements, evaluate facial coloration, examine tongue color, and assess pulse palpitations. Employing this diagnostic data, tailored advice relevant to your specific signs and symptoms will be offered.

Given the significance of your medical history, both past and present, we encourage you to bring relevant medical records, such as blood test results, Echo reports, ECG results, EEG results, MRI findings, and CT/X-ray images. These documents greatly assist practitioners in gaining a comprehensive understanding of your condition.

Once a thorough evaluation of your health concerns is conducted, our practitioner will furnish a diagnosis grounded in both Chinese and Western medicine perspectives. Subsequently, a personalized prescription will be devised and provided to address your unique needs.

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